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March 29 – April 4 The Nashville invasion of Tony Soul. What a trip. 7 jams in 5 days. Just terrific. Stayed with Doak Turner with deluxe accommodations. Weather was 70-80 all week. Thanks to Dana, John & Cara for setting me up to meet and jam with some of the nicest folks around. Nashville rocks, if you have not, you have to go. I am planning a return trip as we speak.
Sat., April 4, a few hours off the plane, joined Jeff Purchon at ACT 4 formerly Jamison’s in Lowell for a set to kick off this new venue. Place has potential., stay tuned.
Sunday - BMan’s 140 Tavern with a full horn section and a full house for our Easter Sunday Spectacular. The 140 rocks, one of our most favorite hangs on a Sunday afternoon.
Monday 4/6, The Tradesman in Milford to jam with Chris Terp, Dana Bonardi and a cast of thousands. The T breathes on a Monday night. Steak baby
Friday Night 4/10 – Main Streets Cafe in Concord. This place gets a rap for being small but just turn everything down and there you have it, a wonderful night. Brett Brumby and Jon Golden joined the Project along with guests Leslee Christopher, Amanda Carr, Ken Hickey & Ellie, the birthday girl. Just a great night. We will be back
Saturday Night – American Legion in Winchendon – huge bike rally but the bikers were partying all day and little left for us and the dance floor. It was mystifying. We were told before the show, by the President of the Club that “these people love to dance”?? After they ate dinner, they settled in, sat and never got up. We tried everything. Oh well, next time, maybe a bit earlier. These folks were all done by 9:00 but we still had fun
Sunday Afternoon – DUNNY’s TAVERN in East Brookfield. Now, this is a hot spot in central MA. Paul Provost heads one of the finest jam sessions anywhere. Mikey and I love playing here. Place is always hopping with folks and fine musicians. Johnny, Becky, Paul, Wally, great harmonies. We will plan a return in late summer/early fall. Glenn and Ronnie are as solid as they come.
The Tony Soul Project is OFF April 13 to April 23. (Grandson’s Birthday party out west)
Upcoming April Dates:
4/24 – Point Breeze in Webster with Brett Brumby & Ron Ouimette
4/25 – TRADESMAN in Milford
4/26 – TS features at CELLEY’s PUB in LYNN 7:00


Coming To You Live from Nashville

Tony Soul Project is on vacation this week!! What?? Yes, Tony Soul is hitting the hot spots in Nashville, meeting a whole lot of new people and hooking up with some friends who have moved down here from up North. The scene down here is crazy. The talent is amazing, all genres. Venues have music from 11am to 3am, like every day. Folks are real friendly and they like my accent. Here’s what we did last week and what we have coming up.

Last Week

Friday Night at FIREFLY’s in Marlborough. By all accounts, the best show we have ever put together. We were joined by the 4 Valvatross horn players and Alexandria Bianco. We had 12 humans on stage at once in the second set, all getting along. Adam Signore shot some great video and has posted it on Facebook, just great
Saturday Night – unCommon Place in Bellingham. What do you know, more snow. I know it kept folks away but for those who braved the elements once more, thank you. This could turn into a very nice venue.


Saturday Night – I fly out of Nashville early Saturday morning and hope to join Jeff Purchon and his great band at ACT 4 in Lowell.
Easter Sunday at B-Man’s 140 in Sterling, 4-8. First time sax man, Jeff Giacomelli will join us at B-Man’s, they will love him.

Thanks for all the support, we could never do any of this without you!!!

What a winter!! I know, you didn’t need us to tell you that but Saturday Nights have not been friendly to local bands, ourselves included (our Front Room gig at WCUW was cancelled by the station, will be rescheduled). Lots of cancellations and if you did show/s on Saturday Night bravo.

              ————LAST WEEK————-
Friday Night - BOLTON STREET TAVERN Marlborough. We had fun, good crowd, lots of friends. Band was hot, Matt, Mike K, Mississippi, Chicago, Jeff, TS tore it up like we knew Saturday nights gig was cancelled. Back there March 20. Prime Rib was outstanding.
Saturday Night - FRONT ROOM @ WCUW studio cancelled and rescheduled
              ——–THIS WEEK – WE ARE PACKED———-
Friday Night - ANCIENT ORDER of HIBERNIANS Salem. Don’t let the name fool you, these people know how to party. Tony, Matt & Mike are joined by Johann Hass (drums) & James Voris(sax), who knows who else. 8-12 in the down stairs smoking room, look for the huge exhaust fan.
Saturday Night - BLACK SHEEP Sterling – THE RETURN of THE BUS DRIVER!! Snowed out the past 2 Saturdays, PHIL DELAINE makes his triumphant return to TSP. Get a leash!!! Brett Brumby & Jeff Giacomelli are also on the bill. Should be a great night 8:30 til ?
Sunday 6:30Tony hosts Blues Jam @ GREENDALE’S – ALEXANDRIA BIANCO is featured. She is all sorts of fired up for this one, so are we. Alexandria goes on around 7:30.
New rooms and big shows with some big names coming up in March. tonysoulproject.com has all the listings.
3/1 – T Soul hosts Blues Jam @ Greendale’s w/ Alexandria Bianco
3/5 – Club Venus Marshfield, MA TSP with Chris Stovall Brown
3/6 – Celley’s Lynn, MA
3/8 – Sunday Funday @ Brodie’s Salem, MA TSP hosts for Chris Fitz
3/13 – Friday the 13th in SALEM, MA @ Brodie’s Seaport Cafe
3/14 – Kasbar Worcester, M with Alison Schelin
3/16 – Monday Night Social @ Greendale’s
3/20 – Bolton Street Tavern in Marlborough, MA
3/21 – TSP plays one set at Special Olympics Benefit at Halligan’s in Auburn, MASS  3:00
3/22 – Tony Soul & Mike K @ Players in Rockland, MA 4:00 Jam Time
3/27 – Dante’s Firefly Marlborough, MA 9-12:00 “our first time there, psyched”
3/28 – Uncommon Place in Bellingham, MA


“always look on the brighter side of life”.only about 2 weeks before we turn the clocks ahead!! Will give us an extra hour of daylight to gaze at the snow. Yes, we are a little shell shocked too!!
                    ——–LAST WEEK——
Saturday Night Dance Party @ The Simple Man Saloon – CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW see 5/15
Sunday: B-Man’s 140 Sterling, MA.WOW!!! What a party, snow stopped and out they came, all suffering from aches and pains of shoveling and a bout of  Cabin Fever they traded it all in for some Rockin Pneumonia. The place was packed and we rolled past 8:00 like it was standing still.
                     ——–THIS WEEK———-
Monday Night Social @ Greendale’s – If you were there, you ate well, danced, had a cool one, sang, played. If you missed it, come, stay tuned, March 16th is the next one. Music was outstanding: Mike Lynch, Dan Bungee & Matt Sambito, in the pocket all night. Thanks Danny & Little Stevie.
Friday Night 2/20 9:15 BOLTON STREET TAVERN. Our first date is 2015 after a great year in 2014. Great food, dancing,fun atmosphere. Jammers welcome.
Saturday Night (early) We are on the air, live, in the studio at WCUW for a potluck dinner, dancing and fun. We can’t wait. Cuts from our new CD will be played!!! YAY!!!
2/27 – Hibernian Club Salem, MA
2/28 – Black Sheep Sterling, MA with Brett Brumby
3/1 – T Soul hosts Blues Jam @ Greendale’s Worcester, MA with Alexandria Bianco
3/5 – Club Venus Marshfield, MA TSP with Chris Stovall Brown
3/6 – Celley’s Lynn, MA
3/8 – Sunday Funday @ Brodie’s Salem, MA TSP hosts for Chris Fitz
3/13 – Friday the 13th in SALEM, MA @ Brodie’s Seaport Cafe
3/14 – Kasbar Worcester, M with Alison Schelin
3/16 – Monday Night Social @ Greendale’s
3/20 – Bolton Street Tavern in Marlborough, MA
3/21 – TSP plays one st at Special Olympics Benefit at Halligan’sin Auburn 4:00
3/22 – Tony Soul & Mike K @ Players in Rockland, MA 4:00Jam Time
3/27 – Dante’s Firefly Marlborough, MA 9-12:00 “our first time there, psyched”
3/28 – Uncommon Place in Bellingham, MA




Hey, we did that cool yuppie thing of putting the windshield wipers straight up, they are almost buried…..but we digress.Now, we have something to talk about.
MONDAY NIGHT POT LUCK SOCIAL @ GREENDALE’S Worcester MA . For our first one, that was a blast. Many of our good friends showed up to treat us with their musical and culinary talents. We had: Sausage & Peppers, Prociutto & Mozzarella, Cavatelli & Broccoli w/meatballs, Ziti, Cheez-Itz, we had it all, music & laughs too. Not too loud. Next one,Monday, Feb 16, we need a crock pot or a crack pot or

Friday Night GREENDALE’S Worcester MA with Brett Brumby and James & Jeff on horns. The sound coming off the stage was stunning. Place was jumping with folks, thanks everyone!!

Saturday Night LOCAL TABLE Acton MA . A little snow, pack a shovel. Our first time there and we really wanted to do this show. Thanks to all who came out, nice crowd given the conditions. Man, can they dance. LT has great food, give them a try for lunch or dinner.
Sunday Night Blues Jam @ Greendale’s. This marked the end of the trilogy that was the past 6 days.3 G’s appearances in 6 days, a recipe for disaster, well, it was far from that. All nights were diverse in their own approach and were all successful. Thanks go out to Kenny Nicholas for putting u with me this week and to JP for conducting.
Friday Night – O’CONNELL’S PUB in FRAMINGHAM 9:00. Going back home, haven’t played there in a while, hope all our Metro-West peeps come out for this one.
Saturday Night  B-MAN’S 140 PUB RENDESVOUS in STERLING7:00 early one Pre-Super Bowl Party featuring ALEXANDRIA BIANCO!!! What better way to usher out January with a hot little mama like Alex!!!!
Alexandria Funk Bianco

Alexandria Funk Bianco

B Man's 140 Tavern 344 Redemption Rock Trl, Sterling, Massachusetts 01564

B Man’s 140 Tavern
344 Redemption Rock Trl, Sterling, Massachusetts 01564

Upcoming February Appearances:
2/2 – Tradesman for Steak & Music (open acousticjam)
2/5 – Samantha Fish @ Bull Run
2/6 – Beatnik’s Worcester
2/7 – Jasper Hill Bistro
2/8 – So Worc. Food Pantry Benefit @ Beatnik’s
2/14 – Valentine’s Day Dance  Simple Man Saloon
2/15 – B-Man’s Sunday 4-8
2/16 – Monday Night Social @ Greendale’s
2/20 – Bolton Street Tavern
2/21 – WCUW FrontRoom
2/27 – AOHibernian’s Salem
2/28 – Black Sheep w/Brett Brumby


It just worked out that way. Kenny, at Greendale’s Pub in Worcester, is allowing TSP to host a 3rd Monday Night Social, had an opening this Friday Night and I happen to feature at Jim Perry’s Jam on Sunday Night? So, we haven’t played there in months and we get to play there in some shape, manner or form 3 times in one week. Come & say HI!!
                             —–LAST WEEK—–
Friday Night – KASBAR – nice night, Bobby Gosselin joined us for the first time on the drum kit and did a fabulous job. Also featured the dual saxes of James Voris and Jeff Giacomelli, back 3/14
                      ————THIS WEEK————--
Monday 1/19the First Monday Night Social @ Greendale’s. Thanks Kenny. A success for a first time venture. There is really nothing happening musically on a Monday Night so why not try something new. “The Social” is just that. A place where musicians and friends can gather together and share musical experiences with one another and develop some lasting relationships. The list of musicians: Mike, Chris, Leslee, Lori, Alexandria, JT, Mississippi, Doctor Sweetfire,Linda,Matt, Mikey, Bobby, Danny, Joshua, Hurricane Bob, Chicago Steve. Thanks everybody!!, next one 2/16 w/Mike Lynch filling for Mohawk who will be at a tomahawk throwing festival in Dallas.
  • Friday Night – 1/23 _ Greendale’s Pub featuring Brett Brumby, Ron Ouimette, James Voris & Jeff Giacomelli.This should be awesome. These cats play very well together.
  • Saturday 1/24
  • TSP does one set at the Enrico Caruso Society Hall in Manville, RI at 1:00. A fundraiser for Mario, a cancer patient.
  • Saturday Night – TSP with Robert Adams on sax, Sandy Mac on keys w/TSP, Local Table in West Acton 8:30-10:30 (weather permitting, don’t shoot the messenger) 
  • Sunday 1/25 – Tony features at Blues Jam at Greendale’s 6:30
  • Thanks, everyone, for your continued support