Tony Soul Project  News – Deflate Gate Edition

OK, here’s our band take on Deflate Gate…..Peyton Manning’s forehead & Papa John’s Pizza is a fraud. OK, now that that’s out of the way let’s get down to some reality. The Tony Soul Project trips their way through local musical venues all over Massachusetts and New England. Dates are filling up rapidly. If you are thinking of having us for a party or event for the rest of 2016, we would encourage you to contact us as soon as possible.


  • Friday – GREENDALE’S PUB Worcester MA – Rockin Johnny Press joined us for a great night of soul, rock & blues. Giuliano from Hot Letter joined us as well. Back at G’s 7/2, Saturday Night Dance Party
  • Saturday – CENTRAL TAVERN  Milford MA- Great night. Dance Party. Great time, back June 24
  • Sunday – JJ’s Sportsbar Worcester MA 15/40 Cancer Benefit – 12 of our friends joined us on stage to close the show. We had a great time.


  • Thursday – Let’s check out Danny Richard’s Jam & BMan’s 140 Sterling MA 7:00
  • Saturday 4/30 : BRODIE’S Salem MA 9:00 guest drummer: Alec Antobennedetto from PeachEaters
  • It’s been a good month f April, another 10 appearances, not counting jam sessions, thanks for your support.
    the beat goes on in Matt’s quest to be our next President of the United States. Matt’s stops in May:
  • 5/5 – Cinco de Matto @ Maury’s Pub in Danielson, CT 8:00
  • 5/6 – Olde PO Pub in North Grafton MA – 7:30
  • 5/7 – MOOSE Salem MA- 7:00
  • 5/8 – B-Man’s Sterling MA  Mother’s Day Special 4:00
  • 5/13 – Firefly’s 9:00 with Cliff Goodwin
  • 5/14 – Dramatic Club Framingham
  • 5/21 – Tradesman Milford 9-ish
  • 5/22 – Mildford Music Awards – Liz’s Diamond 4:00
  • 5/25 – Tony is Wacky Wednesday feature
  • 5/28 – Brodie’s Seaport Salem


Tony Soul Project News

At this time, we should take a moment to reflect on the musicians and singers who have come out for the Project, at a moments notice, and never missed a beat. The list of players and singers is too extensive to mention each & every one of you, but you know who you are and we thank you. Just this past weekend, our drummer, AL CLARK was at a Goomba Wedding in NO.Jersey, so Bobby Gosselin & Steve Peabody stepped right in and killed it. Also, passing through, was handsome,

KEVIN ALEXANDER HERRERA from California. We try to get Kevin to join us whenever he is in town. This show Saturday, at the AOH in Salem, was a cooker. Kev has taken his game to new levels as a player and showman. He’s the real deal.

Last Week

  • Friday 4/15 – SKYBOKX Natick. Our first time in, spirited crowd, some old familiar faces. We will be back there in June.
  • Saturday 4/16 – AOH Salem – This place smokes, literally. This place is a regular haunt for The Project. The place is always jumping with Cigars, Cigarettes& Cigarillo’s. (I have a cousin Bruno Cigarillo but the family doesn’t talk about him much). Next appearance 8/13 at Noon!!!!


  • Friday Night 4/22 – GREENDALE’S PUB Worcester. TSP returns to the G’Note with SELENA WILSON. We will rock the funky soul and dance you till you can’t.
  • Saturday Night 4/23 – CENTRAL TAVERN Milford with SELENA WILSON.. We really love this place. Elevated stage, huge dance floor, plenty of tables, huge bar area, great food. You should be there for another great night in Milford.
  • Sunday 4/24 Noon till? (TSP at 8:00) JJ’S Sportsbar Northboro “15/40 Cancer Benefit. This is an annual event and we are closing the show. We will bring a dozen friends with us. The Wall of Sound!!!!

Tony Soul Project News/Help Wanted

We have an opening for a Social Secretary here at the Project. The bookings are coming fast and furious. We need someone who is organized and will show up. Our last SS ran away and we have never heard from them again. The pay is negotiable. We do offer: Free Shipping, deLuxe Accommodations, water & gum. If you apply now, we will double the offer and Matt will again, waive the shipping We need U.

Last Week April 3 -9 2016

  • Friday 4/8 – Main Streets Market & Cafe – Concord MA. “Straight Out Of Concord”. Robert Adams joined Jeff in the horn section & we brought the Big Band to a Little Place. It was a raucous evening. Met new folks!!!


  • Saturday 4/9 – WUML Lowell MA- Tony Soul Project  Live (not dead) on the radio. Thanks to John Guregian and his staff of technicians & production engineers for having us in. We had fun and there may be a little something coming out of that session.

This Week

  • Friday 4/15 – Skybox – Natick MA. First time in and we are excited. Great food and atmosphere. Come & dance with us.
  • Saturday 4/16 – Ancient order of Hibernians Salem, MA – This is always a blast. Our people in Salem know how to party. This event has been named the “Matt Sambito Smoking Challenge”. No prizes, just a lot of coughing, what fun.

Upcoming Events

  • 4/22 – Friday – Greendale’s Pub Worcester MA
  • 4/23 – Central Tavern Milford MA
  • 4/24 – 15/40 Benefit @ JJ’s Northboro MA (all day event, Cancer Fundraiser. Bands all day. TSP at 8:00)

This was recorded live on April 9 2016 at WUML Radio station Lowell MA with John Guregian and Blues Deluxe! !!!!

Tony Parente  Mike Kalenderian, Matt Sambito, Al Clark, Jeff GiacomelliMarcus Baker  rock the funky soul. LIVE

Outta Site


Goin Down


Dark Side


Tossin and Turning

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Tony Soul Project News

The thundering roar you hear is the sound of The TSP train rolling down the track. We are focused and driven to provide all of you with a real good time. We love music and will expand our song list to include some of your favorites and some we want to do as well. The band seems to be getting tighter each time we take the stage. We love doing this!!

Last Week

Saturday Night: Black Sheep with special guest CLIFF GOODWIN. Well, it was one for the ages. Cliff is special, we are lucky to have him here, in our area. We worked out this date and everyone in our band stood with their collective mouths open whenever Cliff took a solo (some are up on youtube). We will try to have Cliff back at least every 3 months (the man is very busy). Honored to have him in our presence.

Cliff Goodwin with the Tony Soul Project courtesy Richard Paul Hoyer

Cliff Goodwin with the Tony Soul Project

Sunday: Mike & Tony ventured out to Dunny’s to feature in their weekly jam session and we were delighted to be joining Ron, Glenn & Paul in a myriad of music. A great day. We will be back this summer.


Friday April 8, 8:30, Main Sts Market & Cafe Concord. We love this little place but will bring dual horns and the TSP rhythm section & dance the locals crazy. Great food and we have friends in the wait staff. We always get extra cornbread!!! NO COVER. Come early, stay late.

Saturday, April 9, 3:00PM, WUML Lowell, TSP Live on the radio with John Guregian. This should be a gas. We have done this before a couple of years ago and anxious to hear what we sound like Saturday. All are welcome in the studio with us.

From our last trip to WUML Lowell

Tony Soul Project on WUML Lowell

Tony Soul Project on WUML Lowell

Tony Soul Project NEWS – Get Out The Vote 

                         (Live, from campaign hindquarters)
The Tony Soul Project loves the United States of America. Where else can you go to join forces with such talented local musicians. Nowhere but the good old US of A. With the current slate of characters running for President of this great land, we feel none of them are worthy of the office, therefor, the Tony Soul Project gives you, the next President of these great United States: 
  • running mate:  ALEXANDER GRAHAM CLARK



What a breath of fresh air, wait Matt’s smoking again. Matt opened his campaign last Sunday on the porch at B-Man’s 140 Tavern to a spirited gathering of musicians, bikers, dancers, singers and bouncers. Matt used his campaign motto:”A Pot in Every Chicken” and the crowd dispersed, touching moment. Please, no questions from the media.

the Tony Soul Project approved this message



                                    ****Last Week****

Wed 3/23 – Tony Mike K & Jeff G joined up with Douglas Banks, Matt McManamon & Johnny C @ Tavern From Tower Square in Plainville. First time & we had fun. Doug runs this every Wednesday 8:30-11:30


Saturday 3/26 – SIMPLE MAN SALOON Clinton – Easter Eve 


Sunday 3/27 – B-Man’s 140 Sterling. Place was jumping and the band was hot. The original Tony Soul Delta Blues Project, smoked


                                    ****THIS WEEK****

Saturday Night 4/2 8:00 – BLACK SHEEP TAVERN Sterling featuring world famous guitar legend CLIFF GOODWIN!!! Former lead guitarist for the Joe Cocker band TSP has him for one night only. Get there early. There is a capacity limit and we think this will fill up rapidly. This is also a birthday party for SHERRY PHILLIPS.


Sunday 4:00 – DUNNY’S TAVERN – Mikey & TS join up with The Living Bras for an afternoon of FUN and MUSIC. Always a great time at Dunny’s in the heart of Podunk.


Thank you for your continued support and VOTE SAMBITO, early & often. Let’s get out the “dead” vote.

Tony Soul Project  NEWS (It’s Spring!!!!)

March comes in like a Lion and goes out like a…………….The Tony Soul Project  train has completed 7 gigs in the first 3 weeks of March. OK, maybe TS came back a bit early and the leg blew up like a dirigible but we will carry on. The band has been on fire and focused. What’s up?

Last Week

Friday Night – The Hangover Party @ The Tradesman. We just love this little gem. The day after St. Patrick’s Day, maddone. Started a bit slow but the place filled in nicely. We are scheduled there throughout 2016. Check out the T, you will be happy.
Saturday Night – Salem Moose. First time in. We have said this before and we will say it again, “THE PEEPS IN SALEM KNOW HOW TO PARTY”. Lots of familiar faces and met a bunch more new ones too.


  • 3/23 – Wednesday Night – Tavern From Tower Square/Plainville 8:30-11:30. Douglas Banks weekly jam session. Mike Kalenderian, Jeff Giacomelli & TS will feature with Doug, Matt & Johnny. First Time
  • 3/26 – Saturday Night – Simple Man Saloon Clinton 8:00 Tony Soul Project is honored to be included in the regular rotation at this fine musical venue.
Tony Soul at B Man's 140 Sterling MA

Tony Soul at B Man’s 140 Sterling MA

  • 3/27 – 4:00EASTER SUNDAY & B-Man’s 140 in Sterling. TSP ain’t afraid of no holidays. What are you going to do after dinner, sit around and watch Uncle Ralph get drunk on Sambuca and start arguing with religious statues? Not me, we will be playing some hot dance music for the B-Man Hotties. There is talk of an Easter Egg Hunt directed by Matt (TSP Employee of the Year 2015) where he will wear oversized clothing and hide the eggs in various spots throughout his abominable wardrobe. What fun