Happy New Year From Tony Soul Project

2015 was quite a year for the Tony Soul Project. We expanded our base to include the North Shore of Boston, Milford, MA area and some on the South Shore. We added some new rooms that are able to accommodate our ever growing dance squad. We had a ball!!! We look forward to 2016 as another opportunity for expansion and development. We seem to have a different band on stage every night but it just shows the amount of interest other musicians/singers and friends have in what we are doing. Thank you all from the bottom of Matt’s bacon. (2015 Employee of the Year)


LAST WEEK jammed

  • New Years Eve @ Marine Club – place was jammed and jumping. We dig this club and you will see us there in the coming months
  • 1/2/2016 – GREENDALE’S PUB – The return of TSP could have not gone any better. Johnny Press, Mike Gianfriddo, Stephen LeClaire Darren Pinto, Mike Lynch & Hurricane Bob Matthews joined TSP for a fabulous show. Another big night as the G’Note was 3/4 full an hour before we started. We will be back periodically in 2016 starting, Earth Day, Full Moon, Friday Night April 22.
  • 1/3/2016 – B-Man’s 140 Sterling all star jam. Big thanks to Dan Villani, The Nudie Suits, Brother B, Amanda Cote & Brother Brett Brumby for their fabulous talents and helping me out with the vocals as T was a bit under the weather.Look for us back at B-Man’s in the spring.


Friday Night 1/8/2016 – Kokes Black Sheep Tavern 8:00 Tony Soul Project  Break Show
we will resume bookings on Friday February 26th at Liz’s Diamond Bar & Grill in Hopedale



There are gigs and there are gigs and then there was last night at Jon Paige‘sThe Simple Man Saloon Was truly one for the ages.


The Tony Soul Project(Matt, Mike, Matt,Jeff Al, Bob & Sole) were joined by the fabulous talents of Dan Villani & Danny Clark & Hurricane Bob Robert Matthews.

OK, that’s 9 on stage to start the night.

We were cooking at 8:00 sharp and cooked for a while, then the flow of friends began: Jeff BeckRick Calcagni from The Peacheaters An Allman Brothers Band ExperienceDan RichardJerry SantoroMarcus BakerFunky Red Carolyn Chaplin,, Leslee ChristopherDave HinesKen Edelman,Daniel DenahyPhil DeLaine & the original TSDBP, Rosemary’s Baby Blueswith Rosemary CaseyJohn Abrahamsen(A-Bomb) and Carl Jacobsen out standing and Brett Brumby, who flew in late.

We ended the night with a stirring rendition of “Help From My Friends/Cocker” OK, 3.5 hours, NO BREAK. What a Christmas Present!!! The place was packed to the rafters, no lie. The dance floor was flooded. You could feel the love (or was it Agita?) We even raised $150.00 (thank you Sophia) in CD sales for the Frantastc Life of Fran Dagostino which will be donated to the Fran Dagostino Scholarship for the Arts. The “Day After Christmas Holiday Jam”, see you next year

This week.

  • New Years Eve at the Marine Club, Lake Ave, Worcester Thursday night 9 o’clock to 1 o’clock No cover. Complimentary champagne toast at midnight hour. Snacks available!
  • Saturday Night Greendales Pub West Boylston Street Worcester nine ish.
  • Sunday 3 o’clock B Mans 140 sterling Massachusetts another All Star Jam, you should be there, plenty of fun.

We would also like to thank all the Venues that have helped promote local musiic and the Tony Soul Project this year!


Kokes-Blacksheeptavern SterlingBrodies SeaportThe TradesmanCentral TavernLiz’s Diamond Bar & GrilleJasper Hill Cafe & BistroSalem AOH Division 18Greendale’s PubB Man’s 140 TavernThe Simple Man SaloonViva BeneOlde Post Office PubFirefly’s BBQMain Streets Market & CafeMarine Corps LeagueThe Village TrestleCapone’s Restaurant BarDunnys TavernPlayers Sports BarTower HillToll Booth TavernJillian’s Worcester

Thank you and Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.




This is a time to spend with friends an family. Enjoy yourselves and try to help others. My project child is Matt Sambito. I will spend a lot of my off time staring at Matt for no apparent reason.My cousin Felix Navidadio Bon Natale’ sends good wishes and bikini weather for your holidays.


Last Week

  • FridayBRODIE’S Hard Core. The Halloween Season over Salem was a bit thin. See you back there in April and through the end of the year in 2016. Thanks Joel Votto & the crew, PROS.
  • Saturday: TRADESMAN Milford Rocks. We love playing the T. Dana Bonardi filled in for Al Clark and the band was smokin all night. Be back there in March. Don’t forget the first of the First Monday of the month for The Milford Music Social. Steak, music & cold drinks, YES!!!



Saturday Night – 8:00 SIMPLE MAN SALOON – All Star Jam. Come & celebrate with us!!!!



We ventured to Salem last week to the smokey confined of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, The AOH. Man, those folks can smoke and the sounds of the exhaust fans are a serenade all it’s own. Salem has been very good to us in 2016. We thank you all especially Brad Schulte


  • Thursday: Check Out “Big Swingin Thing” in Manchester, NH
  • 10:00 Russell Watts contends for a karaoke championship at 10:00 at Padavano’s               Place on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester. Let’s get out and support Russell.
  • Friday: BRODIE’S SEAPORT Salem 9:00. Horn, horns, guests??
  • Saturday: Noon Goomba Lunch in Framingham
  • 9-ish The TRADESMAN in Milford. This is going to kick ass.


12/26, that’s right, the day after Christmas After Christmas Jam at the SIMPLE MAN SALOON in Clinton at 8:00. This is an open jam celebration. Come play, sing, dance (you can teach us], sing background, (we will teach you.). All the soul favorites and some new things too.
12/31- New Years Eve at THE MARINE CLUB in Worcester. 9:00. NO COVER. (a donation would be appreciated to rebuild the concrete wall that washed away, at the shoreline, during Hurricane Sandy. Complimentary champagne toast at Midnight. All welcome. Couples, singles, multiples
1/2/2016 – GREENDALE’S, psyched to be going back to the G’Note
1/3/2016 – B-MAN’S 140 Tavern 3:00-7:00. Note the earlier time!!!. Another All Star Jam. Bring your axe, song book, whistle, cowbell, jews harp, kalimba, oboe, nose flute, whatever
1/8/2016 –  KOKES BLACK SHEEP TAVERN – Sterling 8:00. Love playing at the Sheep
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*************HI, REMEMBER US????*************

We have been vewy, vewy qwiet since the Sheep on 11/7!!!

We are back this Friday Night!!!


– early!! 7:30. It’s the Black Friday Dance Party!!! Tell your friends. Spacious room, great food, super service, huge dance floor, (OK we will mix in a few slow ones for snuggleation with your honey) but please come prepared. WE ARE READY TO RUMBLE!!! Full TSP for this one: Mike Kalenderian & Bob Cramer on guitars, Jef G on sax, Al Clark on drums, Alexandria Bianco, MattSambito as BalbotheMagician and who knows else??

 Come and join us, NO COVER – big Tip Bucket!!
 Upcoming Shows:
  • Friday12/4FIREFLY’S Marlborough, MA 9:00
  • Saturday 12/5VIVA BENE – Worcester 9:00
  • Sunday 12/6 B-MANS 140 TAVERN – Sterling 4:00