” I think collectively, if you talk to any of us in the Project, you will hear the same thing, “this is the greatest ride of our lives”.

This past week was action packed:

Friday night Bolton Street Tavern Marlborough  Ma - this was an awesome dance party, at one point we looked and there was no one in the booths or at the bar, they were all dancing like they had just been let out of jail. Big thanks to the AJC Refugee crew who show up and just kill it. Guests: Sandy Mac, Jeff Thomas, Lori Z., Mark the Shark, Dan Villani and Dr. Sweetfire were all wonderful. Guest drummer Chicago Steve Carter was fantastic filling in with TSP for the first time. Beginning in October we play the BST every other week. Come and join us. It is always a party.
Saturday 4:00 – Fred Geer’s Veterans Benefit – It started to rain, so the army of volunteers moved all the sound equipment indoors, lickety split and we just set fire to the old joint. One set, dance them into the ground and that’s just what we did. The people out there are just that, but we loved them and they loved us. “F the holidays” was a fueled up response after every tune we did, don’t ask
Saturday night Greendale’s Pub Worcester Ma, attention the hours are 9:30-1:00 or 1:30 on a Saturday night, please make a note of it, so in true geriatric fashion, we started at 9:00 hoping we could be back “at the Home” by midnight, fat chance. The place was rockin’ for our first Saturday night. We were going to play this one straight, with no sit ins, fat chance, I spotted Steve LeClaire in the during the first set and Steve asked me if his 4 piece horn section from the fabulous band VALVATROSS could sit in for a couple. AYFKM!!!!! Start of the second set we had 5 horns on stage and did a half dozen power soul tunes and my motor mouth was on pause. The sound was truly incredible. Oh yes, Jeff Galindo, master trombone player, came in to work with us in the 3rd set. A gift from above.
Sunday 2:30 Harvard Fall Festival – On a cool, crisp afternoon, I could be seen doing macaroni & cheese shots, while sitting on stage watching Russell Watts do his thing. Our volunteer army for the afternoon consisted of: Harvard’s own Diamond Dave Henderson and Jeff Beck on drums & guitar, Carlos Folgar on harp & vocals, Dan Villani on eletro-vio and the TSP regulars, yup 9 of us. What fun!! And the MOTHERS!!: Carlos brought a bus load including his mom, Jeff Beck’s mom was there and in from Miami Beach B.O.A.C. Matt Sambito’s mom and they all stayed!!! At least 20 of “Oue Peeps were also spotted dancing to these funky beats, awesome afternoon for sure.
Sunday Night 6:30 Greendale’s Pub Worcester Ma – You couldn’t move. I have been going to G’s for a couple years now and this was, by far, the most people I have ever seen, PACKED, into the old joint. Whoever set this thing up, did it right. Jonathan D. Leary provided the best sound system I have ever heard there. Magnificent!! We followed Mission of Blues, Blind Tiger Swing Posse both just fabulous, so it was a blues band, a swing band, 2 men on TSP to the plate, the walked Steve LeClaire to load the bases and on the first pitch TSP hit a bomb into the upper deck. A grand salami!!! Adrenaline is a super drug, they should manufacture it. This night was to HELP a family in need, no idea what the numbers were, didn’t matter. The love set free in that room was magical. Big Mike, we love you, come out and see us anytime, we have an amp all set up for you.

WHEW!!!!! this week

Thursday Night – Curbside Jam Session st Center Bar & Grill Worceter Ma 7:30 – Yvette’s Birthday Party
Are you bored on a Thursday night?? Want to do something early and still be in bed to get a good nights sleep to give your boss the biz on Friday morning, then we have the show for you. Every Third Thursday we venture down to CB&G, at 7:30, to jam with our friends. YOU!!!
we are off next weekend, what!! yes, La Familia calls and I will be heading out west to attend the Christening of my grandson Petie
Friday 9/26 Celley’s Pub in Lynn, 9:00, new stage!!!!

More Pics from this weekend


10668171_10152405463115292_176535782_n10671488_10152421118574001_3970492913678421322_n 10690032_10152421118699001_54910235680880020_n

Ummm, Bolton Street Tavern, “THAT” was a dance party!!!! Thanks to our fabulous band: Matt Sambito, Kevin Aucoin, Mike Kalenderian, Bob Cramer,Sandy Macdonald and sitting in on drums, Marlborough’s own Chicago Steve Carter, wow. What happened?? “Night was gone before you could say Ticonderoga, if you could say Ticonderoga”. Special guests: Lori Zuroff, DrSweet Fire, Dan Villani and Mark the Shark were all wonderful. Next month starts our every 2 weeks at BST. Come and dance with us you won’t have to go to the gym for 2 days!!!!


and the bass boys Jeff Thomas and Al Guray (get Al Guray on FB!!)

Hey, BTW, we have a 4:00 slot at the Vet’s Benefit in Ashburnham (take the Santa Anita Freeway to the Schlossen Cutoff, get out of your car, cut off your schlossen, get back in your car and take the Bullhorn Parkway and listen for the moose). Tonight Greendale’s in Worcester (our first Saturday night at G’Note.) Psyched.

more on that later……we had an eclectic week last


First Thursday @ The Black Sheep Tavern Sterling Mass. Our special guest for the evening was the new Arch Bishop of Soul RUSSELL WATTS. What a treat, the man is gaining confidence every time he takes the stage. He is a headliner now, so you will be seeing a lot more of him at venues all over Central and Eastern MA. You cannot meet a nicer man.

Friday Night @ The Dogbar in Gloucester. Thanks to our fans on the North Shore who showed up to party with us. Quite a hike but it was enjoyable

Saturday afternoon: We attempted to start the show with Eddie Floyd’s Knock On Wood but when we got to “it’s like thunder, it’s like lightnin” a lady came to the stage with a celly and showed us the Doppler of the tornado warning, RAIN DELAY. Sucker blew through Pepperell pretty good. Warning over, the wedding peeps danced and partied with us. Thanks Danny. Oh ya, Matt got bit by a dog earlier in the day. The dog has been in therapy all week and has hired Jim Sokolove.

Saturday Night: Hot Shotz in Leominster. A spirited gathering. Thanks Jeff Beck, CoCo & SweetFire for helping us out

^^^^This Week^^^^

Friday 9/12 Bolton Street Tavern with guest drummer, Chicago Steve Carter. 9:00
Saturday 9/13 4:00 Wounded Vets Fundraiser Ashburnham, MA music all day
Saturday 9:00 GREENDALE’S Worcester, MA
Sunday 2:30-4:00 The Harvard Fall Festival Harvard, MA
Sunday 6:00 one set GREENDALE’S for Gianfriddo Family Benefit music all night!!!

Thanks to all of you who come out to support local music. There is a lot of it and our region has some of the best talent anywhere.