Tony Soul Project News

Hmmmm, Outdoor gigs this summer. We are a horrible 1-3 when we have played outdoors. Two weeks ago, we had a private party in a beautiful setting, catered, tented & boom a cell blows through after 3 songs and the gig was over. So, if you are an impoverished nation with no water, a desert or a city or town that is on an odd/even watering schedule, just book the Tony Soul Project for an outdoor event and the drought will be over. Thank me later


  • (back indoors)Friday Night, 7/29 – TRADESMAN Milford 9-ish (one of our favorites). Place was jammed. Roadside rock, soul & blues
  • Saturday Night – BLACK SHEEP TAVERN Sterling 7:00. An early one but the boys were hotter than hell.


  • 5 – Padavano’s Shrewsbury St, Worcester 9:30-12:30 Brother B, Bryan Bishop joins the Project on bass/vox
  • 6 – Private Party Salem
  • 7 – TSP fill in for Chris Fitz & Sunday Funday at Brodies Salem. 4:30-8:00 Karl Bryan Jr. on Sax

August Dates

  • 13 – AOH by the lake 12-4
  • 13 – Simple Man Saloon 8-11
  • 14 – B-Man’s (Tony Soul Birthday)
  • 20 – Marine Club Worcester 9:00
  • 26 – Brodies Salem 9:00
  • 27 – Main Streets Cafe – Concord 8:30
  • 28 – Marshfield Fair 1:30

Tony Soul Project News

Cancer Sucks!! Due to the efforts of people like Marco Russell, who organize events & raise thousands for “Relay For Life” we say bravo. It is because of folks like Marco that we may have some answers for the many folks we know with this hideous disease. We were honored to join forces with many of our musical friends. Great set with Charlie Scott & the Mighty King Snakes.


Last Week

Friday, July 15, FIREFLY’S Marlborough 9-12. Always a fabulous time at Dante’s Firefly’s. Band was on fire. Back there in November.
Saturday July 16 MARCOPOLOOSA A “Relay For Life” fund raiser Westminster. Marco Russell’s all day event. Great music: Mikey, Me & Brothers B&M. TSP, Mighty King Snakes & the Fabulous Darren Bisset Band.

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No Venue gigs this week.
Private party Saturday Night

Upcoming Dates

  • 7/29 – TRADESMAN MIlford 9-ish
  • 7/30 – BLACK SHEEP Sterling 8:15

Hot Fun in the Summer Time

The TSP Research Team has come up with a wonderful suggestion. PLAY GIGS AT THE BEACH. Man, was on a bit of a holiday last week but could not find any good live music Tues-Thurs?? So, if you know of a beach, marina, beach bar or surf club, drop them a solid about The Project. Tell them of Matt’s Swimwear, that’ll gettem.


Friday, July 1, was supposed to be Padavano’s Place Shrewsbury Street, Worcester. Fireworks Night 8:00-11:00. TSP plays on the patio. But NO, storms postponed the fireworks and we played indoors 9:30-12:30, Team Sassy Pants were spotted in full effect.

Saturday, July 2 GREENDALE’S Worcester – Richard Paul Hoyer’s Birthday Party!!! What a gas, thanks to all who came out to make this a special night for the guy who makes us all look good.THIS PAST WEEK
Saturday, July 9 – Olde Post Office Pub Grafton 7:30. nice crowd, good food
Sunday, July 10 – DUNNY’S TAVERN, E. Brookfield. Mike K & TS featured at this packed blues/rock jam. Joining us was Johnny Press who with MK just burned solo after solo all afternoon. The musicianship was outstanding with Glenn DiTomasso on bass, Ron Ouimette on drums& our host, Paul Provost. It was steamy and the music was just that hot. Cannot wait to go back


Friday, July 15, FIREFLY’S Marlborough 9-12. Always a fabulous time at Dante’s Firefly’s
Saturday July 16 MARCOPOLOOSA Westminster. Marco Russell’s all day event. Music starts at noon. TSP at around 3 and will play 2 long sets. This is supposed to attract approx. 1,000 folks. A “Relay For Life” fund raiser. Get there early.

Tony Soul Project News Fourth of July Edition

Before we give a report of last & this weeks happenings, we must take a moment to let you know of a situation regarding our reserve sax player, Marty Phillips. Marty messaged me early last week, saying he was feeling ill and probably would not be able to fill the slots we had open for him. Come to find out, Marty has serious heart issues which are ongoing and being treated for as this is being written. We wish nothing but continued progress for Marty but the road ahead is going to be a long one. Marty, Tony Soul Project is pulling for you brother.


Last Week

  • Friday – Central Tavern Milford. Great room, good to see some old faces come out. We will be back Saturday Night, September 17, 9:00
  • Saturday – VALLEY PUB Whitinsville. First time in to this jamming place with a whole lot of potential. I need to stay away from bad grape juice.

tony soul at greendales


Note 7/9 we have a double

  • 4:00, one set at MARINE CLUB BENEFIT, Lake Street Worcester
  • 7:30, Olde Post Office Pub in North Grafton, food is great!!!

Tony Soul Project Spring into Summer Edition

We have not come to you in a couple of weeks. Lots going on and we are cruising. Main Streets Concord MA, Greendales Worcester MA, Skybokx Framingham MA, Millersville Men’s Club and Fathers Day @ B-Man’s Sterling MA in the past few weeks. The band is getting tighter with Al Clark leading us and we look forward to an action packed summer of gigs, fund raisers and festivals. We will be playing Marcopoloosa July16 and the Marshfield Fair on August 28. We are very lucky and thank you for your continued support.

2016 Music Festivals at the Marshfield Fair

2016 Music Festivals at the Marshfield Fair

Friday night: CENTRAL TAVERN Milford 9-1

Come and dance at Milford’s premier dance club. Elevated stage, huge dance floor and great foor & drink. You can’t go wrong.

Saturday Night: VALLEY PUB Whitinsville 9-12 .

Rob DeDomenic of the Tradesman has done a wonderful job remodeling the interior of this venue. Huge stage area with a professionally installed sound system. We are jacked to play here and establish a long lasting relationship

On anther note: TSP would like to congratulate Alexandria Bianco for joining the hot Wedding Band “THE PULSE of BOSTON”. Together with her other activities, singing in nursing homes, a part of The Big Swinging Thing, her own acoustic & electric bands, leaves very little time for TSP. We welcome her whenever she is available but the dates may be few and far between. We wish Alexandria all the luck in the world from her big brothers in The Project.

Alexandria Funk Bianco

Alexandria Funk Bianco

WE WON!!!!

Winner or WMRC Local Music Awards
Hey everybody. We kid around a lot and make fun of each other to make you laugh and feel good. You have made us feel very good by virtue of your votes in the Greater Milford WMRC Music Awards held this past Sunday at Liz’s Diamond Bar & Grill Hopedale MA for Tony Soul Project  & Tony Soul as we took down the hardware for Best Soul/Blues/Funk Band. Tony was awarded The Sexiest Musician?? We have the Stanley Cup to prove it. The judges all wore masks provided by Tony Soul Project  and we all had sandwiches.

Last Week:

TRADESMAN Milford MA. What can we say, place is just the bomb. Huge deck with the doors open, great drink prices, friendly safe atmosphere, hey, it’s Milford, everybody, knows everybody, capishe’? We’ll be back Friday night, July 29, 9-ish Robby

This Week:

Brodies Seaport 9:00 – featuring Young Mike Lynch. Salem MA is gonna love this kid. Jeff, Bobby, Al, Matt & Tony fill out this night. Open the doors, we’ll party in the street!!!!

Also, Tony features at Greendale’s Wednesday Night, 8:30

Next Saturday/Sunday June 4 & 5 is “Black Sheep Weekend ” Sterling MA

BlackSheep Tavern Sterling MA

BlackSheep Tavern Sterling MA

Here is some Video from our April 14 2016 show at Fireflies in Marlborough Ma. Hot band , floor full of dancers and BBQ!!!

Tony Soul – Vocals
Cliff Goodwin – Guitar
Mike Kalenderian – Guitar
Bob Cramer – Guitar
Matt Sambito – Bass
Jeff Giacomelli -Sax
Al Clarke – drums
Alexandria Funk Bianco – Vocals
Amanda Cote – Vocals